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Media Interactiva has joined the Association of E-learning Providers (APeL), an entity comprising the main e-learning companies in Spain, including providers of e-learning content, platforms, services and consultancy. This organization is known as the main reference in the industry for Public Administrations and other national and foreign organizations interested in the Spanish market.

APeL’s mission is based on the promotion of e-learning as a training method while defending the interests of its associates, in collaboration with other entities and agencies interested in this matter. APeL also collaborates with public and private research and development centers, both Spanish and foreign, that are related to online training, by performing informational, representation and negotiation activities.

Founded in December 2001, its objectives include promoting the advantages of online training to improve the competitiveness of companies and citizen services in public institutions.

Through its incorporation into the association, Media Interactiva hopes to take advantage of the synergies available by being part of such a prestigious institution in Spain, widely recognized in the field of e-learning.

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Media Interactiva Solutions, SL has participated in the 2017 ICEX TARGET USA plan with support from ICEX, as well as with co-funding from European funds (ERDF).