On May 17th, Media Interactiva and the Bilbao Chamber organized a session at the Chamber’s facility, to introduce the project Certinet to the other Chambers of Commerce. During this meeting, both the contents of the main manufacturers of technology and the short and long-term plans were presented.

The Chambers that attended the event were: Madrid Chamber , Sevilla Chamber, Valladolid Chamber and Zaragoza Chamber. All of them were very satisfied with the project, which ensures that it will improve the technological skills of those students who participate in it. In addition, it will increase their employment opportunities and the work improvements in the IT sector.

The project Certinet was founded by Media Interactiva and the Bilbao Chamber, with the purpose of promoting the culture of student’s personal certifications and to position the Chambers of Commerce as a reference in the training and certification process of IT competencies. Furthermore, the project counts with the presence of the main training partners such as I3S, Nedmind, Fast Lane and Atrium group.

Certinet offers training plans and accreditations for the main technology manufacturers such as Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, VMware or Comptia, to name a few.