On June 13th, we participated in the annual general assembly of CECE-Seville, a group of private schools in Seville. During the body meeting, we had the chance to present our Certinet project to 70 regional schools.

Daniel López, Sales Director of Media Interactiva, introduced the attendees to our solutions for integrating digital skills training related to the most valuable certifications by the main technology manufacturers, into the curriculum of such schools.

Certinet offers the schools a wide variety of options based on their necessities, starting with integrating training and the official certification into a specific course- preferably the technology one-to incorporating them as extracurricular activities.

Certifications are the best way for schools to showcase the skills obtained by students, adding value to:

  • The school, since it becomes a Certiport Authorized Testing Center capable of offering Certiport certification exams at their organization.
  • The student, due to the impact on the CV and the competitive advantage that a globally recognized certification offers.
  • The teacher, promoting certifications in digital skills and successfully integrating technology into classrooms.

This solution is aligned with the European Commission’s efforts to bridge the current digital skills gap in Europe starting from the beginning stages of education.

For more information, contact Daniel López.