MeasureUp, leading provider of premium practice tests and assessments for IT professionals worldwide, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Media Interactiva acquired MeasureUp in 2014, and since then, it has launched more than 1.3 million tests focused on the training and evaluation of digital competencies for technologies by the main IT companies, such as Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and CompTIA, among others. To celebrate this special milestone, MeasureUp will offer a 20% discount on all products, on the 20th of each month.

During its two decades of existence, MeasureUp has sold over 3.5 million tests, close to half of them being sold after the acquisition by Media Interactiva, in the last three years. In 2016, the company sold around 480,000 practice tests. Acquiring MeasureUp has generated synergies in several ways, as Sam Brocal, CEO of Media Interactiva, explains “it has allowed us to reach the most outstanding technological clients and to increase our revenue.” Similarly, Kevin Brice, original founder and current Chief Strategy Officer for MeasureUp, points out that “currently we operate in more than 30 countries, but our goal is to continue growing, both in market presence as well as in the value that we offer our partners and clients.”

MeasureUp’s practice tests are recognized for their innovative use of simulation question types, comprehensive explanations, complete coverage of exam objectives, multiple delivery modes, and in-depth reporting. Furthermore, we have the great support of those who have tried our products. More specifically, 84.6% of users would recommend MeasureUp’s practice tests, 91% of users are satisfied with the explanations provided for correct and incorrect questions and 98.9% of users are satisfied with the technical accuracy of the questions. MeasureUp’s goal is to “continue innovating and working hard to offer the best product possible to our clients, helping more and more professionals certify their technological skills thanks to our products”, emphasizes Sam Brocal.