Left to right: Benito Castellanos, Key Account Manager of Media Interactiva Software; Aaron Osmond, General Manager at Certiport; Sam Brocal, CEO of Media Interactiva; & Stephen McSweeney, Director of Sales EMEA at Certiport.

Media Interactiva has officially become a Certiport Authorized Partner, meaning that we will be able to distribute exams from the world leader in certification solutions for IT professionals. This partnership agreement positions Media Interactiva among the 3 unique institutions in Spain holding such title, turning us into a strategic partner of a company that up to today’s date, has delivered more than 10 million certification exams worldwide.

Since 2012, Media Interactiva has been a Certiport Authorized Testing Center, allowing us to deliver and administer certification exams for some of the most well-known technologies worldwide by Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe or IC3, among others. As an official distributor, we will build our own channel of testing centers, leading in the insertion, promotion and support of these technological solutions, as well as training and other additional resources such as practice tests that contribute to a higher success in the certification process for technological skills by students, teachers and professionals.

With this objective in mind, Sam Brocal, CEO of Media Interactiva, points out the value of certifications, which allow “professionals to prove their proficiency using certain tools, positively affecting the likelihood of those professionals to get hired, not only at a national level but also internationally.”