LearnMOS, hosted on Microsoft Azure, drives hands-on learning and certifications for Microsoft Office 2016

Seville, November 14, 2017. Media Interactiva has created LearnMOS, a program of online courses and practice tests focused on the core Microsoft Office 2016 applications available at This learning solution is designed for those individuals who are looking for a competitive advantage to join the workforce, to stand out during a recruitment process or who are simply interested in upgrading their skills or increasing their productivity when using Office 2016.

LearnMOS develops both efficiency and productivity in Microsoft Office through continuous hands-on practice and user experimentation. This innovative elearning uses a clear and intuitive methodology that allows the user to practice directly within the application for which they are preparing to certify in. Each course consists of the following steps:

  • Benchmark assessment to design a customized learning path based on the user’s existing knowledge.
  • Learn & Practice & Create directly within the application. This section contains several elements:
    • Content. This is a theoretical explanation of how the application works and some of its different features.
    • Knowledge based practice to test the user’s theoretical knowledge of the application, offering references to the related content.
    • Live in the app practice to learn by training directly within the real application. Video tutorials available with step-by-step instructions.
  • Validation of knowledge through a series of assessments, both knowledge based and live in the app.

This learning path familiarizes users with the actual application while preparing them for the real certification exam experience through performance-based exercises, overcoming their test anxiety.

According to Santiago López Ruiz, Head of Training at the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, Media Interactiva’s partner for the promotion of digital skills in Spain, “certifications will play a decisive role in capturing talent and choosing the best job candidates, including Office certifications.” These in fact, are some of the most demanded credentials nowadays.

Furthermore, the learning platform on which LearnMOS runs on Microsoft Azure, providing the elearning solution with certain cloud service capabilities such as availability and scalability. This enables users to truly learn how to use Microsoft Office- 2016 easily and efficiently.

“We’re excited to see Media Interactiva take advantage of Microsoft Azure to deliver online learning solutions like LearnMOS that can help our mutual customers earn Microsoft Office 2016 certifications,” said Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “LearnMOS enables hands-on learning within Word, Excel and PowerPoint, aiding users in skills improvement.”

LearnMOS is available worldwide, both in English and Spanish, through

About LearnMOS

LearnMOS has been created by Media Interactiva, leader in educational software and instructional design for digital skills certifications from Spain. Founded in 2011, Media Interactiva provides its services to major clients such as Microsoft, the United States Department of Defense and Pearson. In addition, many of its products, including LearnMOS, are available to anyone interested in getting certified.

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