This year, the SIMO Learning Technology Exhibition was focused on new comprehensive technological projects to foster learning through the use of devices and the latest technology. Within this context, Media Interactiva has taken this opportunity to reaffirm its compromise with quality training through the use of new educational technologies for digital competency training.

“Official accreditations enable professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and validate their performance with full guarantee of being ready to meet requirements of existing and future jobs” says Sam Brocal, founder and CEO of Media Interactiva.

Furthermore, Media Interactiva has presented the latest updates added to its product and service catalog, as well as an innovative e-learning course and practice test program about Microsoft Office 2016 (MOS 2016).

During the event, the management team has given access to all individuals interested in Media Interactiva’s practice tests, so that they can get a first-hand look at the functionality of its customized exams and exercises where the users work within the real program.

“Our commitment with preparing and developing young talent is strong. The lack of qualified candidates with the technological skills demanded by the latest IT developments is a fact; and events such as the digital transformation only delve more deeply into this gap” points out Brocal. “At Media Interactiva, we work together with public and private institutions on the preparation and training of young individuals to offer them employment alternatives. At the same time, we try to ensure that companies have highly qualified staff members, with the digital skills demanded by companies in this hyperconnected global economy. SIMO has been the perfect framework to promote our training proposal”.

Among the educational technology and IT certification developments by Media Interactiva that have generated more expectation and interest at SIMO 2016, are the products about MOS 2016. Thanks to them, the students can get trained in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016, following a practical method with simulations that make it easier to learn by imitation and with exercises directly within the real programs, which offer an immersive and more involved experience for the student.

On the other hand, Media Interactiva has continued to promote the Certinet project at SIMO, an initiative to promote the culture of personal IT certifications, with the collaboration of the Chambers of Commerce.

The company has also conveyed the importance of continuing innovations in e-learning in order to take it to the next level, and to evolve in terms of educational materials. Media Interactiva also shared its experience working with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and VMware, for which it prepares tests for certifications exams.