Aaron Osmond (VP & General Manager, Certiport)
& Benito Castellanos (KAM, Media Interactiva Software)

This year, Media Interactiva attended the Bett show in London for the first time. Benito Castellanos, who serves as Key Account Manager for Media Interactiva Software, joined other industry professionals in this annual opportunity to discuss the latest technology.

Improving technology and learning IT content as well as helping young people and professionals to officially validate their skills continues to motivate our efforts. However, results can be much greater and a broader impact can be obtained through combined efforts with other industry game changers. Each year, this event brings together industry experts and educators from all across the world, giving them the opportunity to establish those alliances that will lead to a new way to contribute to a better future through education. Finding new partners that will work with us on this mission was our main goal for attending Bett.

During the conference, we introduced our unique educational tool, Performance Testing Solution (PTS for short), capable of adapting to any training and evaluation needs. PTS makes it possible to create exercises with simulations to improve learning by imitation and to generate live in the app exercises that take learning by doing training to the highest level. Due to its broad educational potential, we presented PTS to a wide variety of profiles such as companies that need internal training, training academies that want to expand their online or blended training catalog, and schools and instructors who want to add an online practice component to their on-site classes.

It was a pleasure to meet with so many people who share our vision and motivation to shape education worldwide and we can’t wait to see what next year’s edition has to offer!

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