Journalist Javier Oliva has interviewed our CEO, Samuel Brocal, during his radio show “Conectados” on Canal Sur.

Samuel has spoken about the services offered by Media Interactiva, the company’s beginnings and our close relationship with Microsoft as well as with other major technology providers.

When asked about our upcoming projects, Samuel explained that ”we are working on updating new educational platforms that we have created” but above all, we are introducing “Virtual Reality into the professional certification world and the training world.”

To get an idea of what this would be like, we can think of a Cisco server, a data center, with all of its cables, which “we simulate in a 2D environment and in which we ask users several questions to find out what they know”. Now we are investigating how to do the same thing in 3D environments, in which the user would wear 3D glasses, and would “interact directly with the machine, changing hardware, cables and sending requests to the virtual machine, as well as using the keyboard next to them and fixing the issues directly on the machine.” This way “the user experiences the most extreme situation in order to validate his or her knowledge at a professional Cisco level.”

Listen to the whole interview here!