Samuel Brocal, CEO of Media Interactiva, has been interviewed by newscaster Ana Roldán on the ‘Emprende’ show that airs on TVE, about the need for professionals with digital skills.

Given the uncertainty of whether or not we will be able to meet the demand for 150,000 IT professionals in the upcoming year, Samuel Brocal has explained that we have to continue promoting training and certifications for professionals, especially since the figure is nearing one million job openings in the European community.

In order to cover such IT profiles, Samuel has stressed the importance of starting at the lowest levels of education, teaching kids about “digital literacy, the internet, networks, computers, RAM…concepts that are not been taught anymore” at school. This is the foundation to get students to train and get certified, moving on to more advanced professional certifications as they grow up, like they do with English certificates.

Here is the full interview, starting at 05:52.