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Media Interactiva stack of technologies

Dear technology partner, in this article, I would like to explain you a little bit of what we do at Media Interactiva, particularly with respect to the wide stack of technologies that we use in our projects and products.

Our company’s core business is creating educational software in order to improve the experience of training and evaluating (technological) competencies. Examples of our products are the practice tests that we develop for brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, AWS or PMI… and that prepare about 100,000 professionals a year in different technology areas, ranging from a JS beginner to an AWS solutions architect.

We want to help people to better prepare for official exams. Therefore, we offer products that guarantee success in their careers and projects and that are aligned with the official certification exams. About 90% of the students that use our methodology and questions approve the official exams.

Being offered the opportunity to develop products for premium technology brands has driven us to innovate using some of the latest Azure or AWS services. In order to develop services for our solutions, we participate with Private Preview products and work with the Evangelist teams of these technologies. Think of Azure cognitive services or the development of AWS Appstream services. To give you an example, we’ve been working with Azure cognitive services or AWS Appstream, which made it possible to launch some of our evaluation products with Live in the app (LITA) software and offer application streaming for our training products.

  • Culture Devops: We use the Devops cycle in our day-to-day. After a major roll-out between the end of last and this year, we have grown a lot as a technological group minimizing risks and errors in productive environments. We still have a long way to go and we want to continue improving the cycle within our procedures.
  • Continuous improvement: We work with people that work in different areas and that have different points of views. This leads us to improve existing processes or define new ones without leaving anything behind. We are now focussing on. NET5 and other frameworks to deploy more microservices in our solutions that allow us to scale infrastructure and performance.
  • Technological Stack: We have several squads mounted for different projects. This is our technology map or technology stack:

Are you interested in our project? Are you looking for a new challenge and do you have technological skills? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking for people at different levels and positions.

We want to continue growing both professionally and as a team. We’re waiting for you!


Benito Castellanos

CTO Media Interactiva