Nov 4th, 2016

If you want to prepare yourself for 21st Century jobs, you need to acquire the most demanded knowledge and technological skills within the current global and highly connected market, as well as demonstrate that you are capable of applying them to the real word. Therefore, you should have a certification that proves your abilities and IT knowledge.

Microsoft has always been among the companies whose technologies are demanded the most by businesses. If you want to get trained in Microsoft Office 2016 (MOS 2016) programs and obtain the official Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 certification awarded by Certiport, Media Interactiva makes it easy for you.

During the month of October, Media Interactiva presented a new product offering to prepare users for Microsoft Office 2016 exams. The products, which include eLearning with Practice and the stand-alone Practice Tests, offer customizable learning paths and performance-based practice. These will familiarize users with the actual application while preparing them for their certification exams.

“This last aspect is one of the things that makes our company stand out, since the possibility to work in simulated environments makes it easier for the student to learn and get familiarized with the material, in a simple and natural way. By interacting with the real programs, the system can control, evaluate and score the user’s actions, offering personalized monitoring and controlling the learning curve. Once the knowledge has been internalized, obtaining the official certification is essential to demonstrate full professional skills in using this application suite” points out Sam Brocal, founder and CEO of Media Interactiva.

In addition to hands-on practice, these eLearning courses create a learning path for each user and adapt training based on user errors. Each eLearning course consists of the following steps:

  • Benchmark assessment: offers customized learning paths based on the user’s existing knowledge and experience. Users can focus their studies on the subject areas where they require more study time.
  • Practice: the content is organized by sub-objectives from the official certification exam. The content includes theory, interactive items with step-by-step instructions, live in the app exercises, and video tutorials.
  • Validation: validate your knowledge via a series of assessments both knowledge based and live in the app.

On the other hand, the practice tests offer a variety of live in the app exercises, executed directly within the application, therefore, creating an immersive environment that makes it easier to learn by imitation. The eLearning and practice test products support Microsoft Office 2016 exams 77-725, 77-727, and 77-729.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint products are available worldwide, in English and Spanish, at and